Best Top 10 Jeans Brands in The World


Top 10 Best Brands for Men and women in highest selling, most popular, comfortable and luxurious jeans brands of the world.

Jeans is considered as one of the most comfortable outfits which irrespective of any gender are loved worldwide. Jeans are available in various shapes and sizes so that you can pick the one which as per you suit you and your personality well.

Below here is the list of top ten branded jeans which are really famous in the market. They are most exclusive jeans which are in high demand. People die to buy those jeans. They are quite expensive but some are in the affordable ranges also.

In this list, we enlist the best-selling denim jeans brands in the world that have gained enormous popularity in the worldwide market

10. True Religion


This is one brand that gained huge popularity in very less time. Established in 2002 at Manhattan Beach, California, United States, the brand True Religion has done great business all over the world. The premium denim’s of this brand are handcrafted in the United States and sold exclusively in specialty stores around the globe. The jeans by True Religion are crafted to perfection for the comfortable fit and looks with best quality denim materials employed in production. It has been a brand to go for amongst youngsters to follow fashion.

9. Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani was found in 1975, headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is a luxurious brand manufacturing jeans, accessories, jewelry, eyewear, watches and others. Armani Jeans was created in 1981 that has the wide range of denim wears including trousers and jackets. These jeans are sold exclusively in Armani jeans stores, Emporio Armani Stores all over the world. The designs are very approaching and the line features more diverse colors and materials. The jeans are very comfortable but are slightly on the costlier side.

8. United Colors of Benetton


The brand United Colors of Benetton was found in Italy in 1965 by Luciano Benetton. It is one such brand that offers the vast collection of denim wears with varying styles, colors, and fits to match one’s style. This brand never goes out of fashion. The trademark logo features in the back pockets of the brand’s denim. The toughness, color, and fit vary in men and women collection that are designed to fit greatly. The line of denim jeans are very impressive amidst the crowd and are very affordable too.

7. Calvin Klein


This brand is a subsidiary of PVH Corporation, established in 1968 in New York City, United States. This line of casual denim wears was found by the fashion designer Calvin Klein who gave unique designs and styles that followed the trend. The denim jeans line of Calvin Klein is licensed to Warnaco Group. The brand name has the emblem “cK” used in marketing all over the world. The denim jeans of cK are always fashionable and speak the style that is trending. The fit and comfort are great with this brand and the other casual wears by the brand make a perfect outfit.

6. Lee Cooper


Found by Morris Cooper in 1908, this English brand of denim and casual wears is a subsidiary of Iconix Brand Group. The brand always follows the style and breathes of the trend. The range of denim jeans, jackets are very popular all over the world. The jeans have attractive looks with finest of the materials and crafting employed. The brand has evolved with time and has introduced new trends and styles to the market. In the recent times, colored jeans and seasonal denim by Lee Cooper had found great success in the international market.

5. Lee


The Lee brand of denim jeans headquartered at Merriam, Kansas, United States, first produced its denim jeans in the year 1889. The denim material of the brand feels so good to wear and the fit is also taken great care of by the brand. The casual wears by Lee is a vastly popular for the trend the brand follows. The brand is owned by the largest apparel manufacturer VF Corporation. Lee is an international retailer and manufacturer of casual wears that have a market all over the world. The jeans of the brand are very luxurious and comfortable to wear and are available at affordable prices.

4. Pepe Jeans London


This denim wears brand was established in London in 1973 and based in Spain. The brand has launched the wide range of styles and designs and has tasted great success too. It offers great quality denim jeans and casual wears that are crafted to perfection to fit with comfort. The brand is very promising in delivering high-quality denim wears at affordable prices. Their innovation has made it possible bring trendy styles and designs. In 2015, Pepe Jeans was bought by the Lebanese group M1 and L Capital Asia.

3. Wrangler


This is a denim jeans brand headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, the United States in 1947. The company manufactures varieties of products in denim jeans with fashionable and trendy designs. The material of their jeans is very comfortable and doesn’t feel heavy as other brands. The brand is owned by the largest apparel company in the world, VF Corporation. It is also a brand known for top-class work wears. The standout of Wrangler jeans is the iconic “W” design on the back pocket.

2. Diesel


This Company was established by Renzo Rosso in 1978. The company has come a long way to become one of the favorite brands of youngsters at present. It employed terrific international market strategy in the early 90’s and brought about advancement in stitching and design. The fabrication of denim is of standard quality that gives a comfortable fit and that is durable too. The denim material used is tough and gives a solid look to the jeans. This company’s jeans carry a big label at the behind marking its uniqueness. The company does great business all over the world and has numerous flagship stores for its exclusive products.

1. Levi Strauss & Co


This brand is known to be the pioneer in denim wear about 163 years ago. The first jean of the world was invented by Jacob Davis in association with Levis Strauss& Co, patented in the year 1873. The brand offers Jeans, trousers, shorts, shirts, jackets and other accessories. Based on fit, the jeans are categorized as big, tall, skinny, boot cut, taper, relaxed, slim, straight. The fabrication, crafting of the jeans is of superior quality and loved the most around the world. The 500 series is the range of styles for men while 300,400, 700 and 800 series are the styles for women. The recent 511 series has done a great business and has been very popular.

This was the top 10 best selling jeans brands in the world and the next time you hit the stores, check out for these brands for better fit and comfort and to have the best in your wardrobe. Thus those who are looking for the best-branded jeans they can choice these brands. They are very good and easy to wear. Look smart and elegant in your best pair of jeans from any of the above bestseller jeans brand of 2016-2017.