Rafael Nadal Stopped His Game So Mother Can Find Her Missing Chlid


The tennis star was playing a doubles match in Mallorca with Mats Wilander against former world number ones John McEnroe and Carlos Moya.

Rafael Nadal is known for his sportsman spirit and excellent skills. Along with being a remarkable player, there’s no doubt about the fact that Rafael is a brilliant human being.

Video footage shows Nadal preparing to take a serve when he looks up into the audience. The camera then pans to a concerned woman speaking to a steward and looking around the crowd, it later becomes apparent she was looking for her young daughter.

Recently, in a match against Spaniard Carlos Moya and American legend John McEnroe, Rafael noticed a mother crying in the stands and held back his serve in a video uploaded by IB3 NOTÍCIES. He waited and started looking for the missing daughter among the spectators and kept waiting until the toddler was reunited with her mother. This little gesture justifies all the unconditional love he receives from his fans.