Visual Effects Artist Creates Epic Advertisement To Sell His Old Car, Goes Viral With 2 Million Views

Suzuki should buy this advertisement from him.


You may not realize this, but this is some intelligent commentary on how products are sold nowadays. Companies spend billions in marketing to sell a product that is barely functional. Because company RnD and production budgets are slashed over and over in the name of “lean” manufacturing, and to have a more robust marketing budget.

For most of us, selling a used car generally involves placing an advert on a popular website or in the classifieds section of a local newspaper. But when it came to selling his old SUV, Eugene Romanovsky decided to take things to a whole new level by creating the most spectacular advertisement for his 1996 Suzuki Vitara.

Employing his skills as a visual effects artist, the Israel-based Latvian made an epic 2-minute video showcasing everything that his trusty car can (and cannot) do. From driving underwater to visiting outer space and even cruising alongside dinosaurs and featuring in Mad Mad: Fury Road, it’s really not surprising to learn that his video has been viewed over 2 million times since he recently uploaded it to YouTube.

Suzuki should buy this advertisement from him.

See for yourself Video. Don’t forget the popcorn!





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